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My First Research Report

Everywhere that I turn these days, I cannot avoid the buzz words "Common Core." That is especially true of the hallways and classrooms in my very own school. As librarian though, I embrace the Common Core. Never before have we, as a profession, been in such a place of opportunity. Yes ... opportunity. The common core and its emphasis on nonfiction textual learning and research skills puts information literacy in the forefront. And, boy oh boy, has that kept this flexibly scheduled librarian hopping!

In an effort to create projects that support my teachers, I have created a new product for my TeachersPayTeachers store. My First Research Report was created with the intention of supporting librarians and teachers in the Inquiry Process. These printable projects lead students through the steps of documenting prior knowledge, asking questions, locating and accessing information, and using the information ... ALL at a primary level, specifically first and second grade. I have created My First Research Reports for bats, owls, spiders, and turkeys, with more to come. Here is a free sample of this product! Just click through to Teachers Pay Teachers and download.