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Sweet Find ... Symbaloo

As a librarian, I am always on the search for tools that will help me to curate the burgeoning world of digital media. There is SOOO much great stuff out there, but it is often hard to get the right tools in the hands of the right kids at the right time. I am certain that there isn't an educator out there who doesn't feel the same way.

So, when I was introduced to Symbaloo this last week at a tech conference, I was thrilled. I love the visual interface and the simplistic design!  Apparently, this fantastic tool has been around for a couple of years and this librarian has been living under a rock.

Symbaloo is a bookmarking tool that allows you to create tiles that are links to websites, videos, RSS feeds, and blogs. You can color-code the tiles to create your own personal webmix, and even follow the webmixes of others. If you too have been living under the Symbaloo rock, it is time to crawl out and go check this out.