Don't Miss Out!!

Summer of Deja Vu

If you have been a faithful follower of my blog, you will have already noticed that some of my blog posts over the last year have disappeared. Others of you may remember that I explained several months ago that I had lost ALL of my blog pictures when I converted by blog from self-hosted Wordpress to Blogger. Some of you newbies have NO idea what I am talking about :)

So, in an effort to restore some of my favorite past articles to my blog, I will be republishing them over the next several weeks. For some of you, this will be total deja vu! But hang in there, I promise to add some new stuff later this summer or early fall.

Some of my most requested posts were for last summer's series, "Dewey"ing It My Way. They have been republished BUT placed as a page. Take a peek at the tabs above! The entire series, with all of the FREE downloadable tools, is right there. Enjoy!


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