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Fictional Book Setting Signs

I love gardening. I love the feel of the dirt under my hands. I love the excitement of my seeds turning into something beautiful. I love knowing that I grew the cucumbers and tomatoes that are on the table for dinner. Sadly, there just isn't ever enough time in my Spring and Summer days to do all that I would like to!! My Pinterest garden is WAY better looking than the actual beds surrounding my house.

But someday, when I am NOT trying to grow kids, I will have beautiful gardens. I will have gardens that rival my Pinterest gardens. Others will be putting pictures of my gardens on their Pinterest boards. Someday THIS will sit in my gardens. This picture comes from Pollyanna Reinvents Blog. I love this. I have loved this idea for years. It is the perfect fixture in a librarian's garden.

I decided that if I don't have time to make this for my REAL gardens, I would make it for my elementary school library. I had the brainstorm to create these similar types of signs, to be printed on paper. If you {heart} them as much as I do, you can click on the picture and grab them from my TpT store! Simply print, cut, laminate, and display. 

I think that they go perfectly with this year's beach theme, Catch the Reading Wave. Want to see the library decked out in all of its beach glory?? Click HERE

The signs have certainly been a topic of conversation among the teachers and kids alike!! Well, I am issuing a challenge out to my kiddos to see if they can discover the author behind each fictional place. I have created the following record sheet for them to write their answers on. If you are interested in issuing the same challenge, simply click on the picture below and download it for FREE from my Google Drive. Just click the "Download"Button.

As the frost begins to cover the pumpkins, and the threat of another difficult winter knocks at my door, I will continue to grow my Pinterest Garden!! All while helping my kiddos grown their minds :) Enjoy the challenge.