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Searching for the Groundhog

With Groundhog Day right around the corner, we are working on shared research projects all about that critter called the groundhog, or is it the woodchuck, or whistle pig?  Hmmm ... more importantly ... Where are we getting our facts?

We started with this video by National Geographic. It is kid-friendly, and it gives some great information about February's most famous rodent. All in under three minutes! It really is a great introduction.

While you are there watching the video, don't miss these ten cool facts about groundhogs.

I also found these two websites. Each site is free to access, but your really little ones will most certainly need some support in reading and understanding the text.

My firsties LOVE our subscription to PebbleGo. If you aren't lucky enough to have access to this fantastic database, you should consider calling them and requesting a free trial. They will give you 30 days to try it out!

My first graders are learning how to identify the keywords in a question and associate that keyword with the correct tab. For example, when a question asks, "What is a newborn groundhog like?" I want the kids to identify the word, newborn, as the key word and know that they need to click on the Life Cycle tab.

In order to practice these skills, I have created a scavenger hunt that can be completed in a single sitting. In celebration of Groundhog's Day, I am posting it here for all of you! Click on the pix below for your own copy of it :)

Here's hoping that the groundhog predicts an early spring!