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Build Your Google Site with Google Drawings

Hello Library Friends ~ Thanks for joining us on our Back 2 the Books Blog Hop and Giveaway! So glad that you stopped by. Read on to learn how to spice up your School Library's website!

Spice Up Your Google Site with Google Drawings

Last Spring, when we were sent home to finish out the year learning long distance, I did exactly what librarians all over the world did. I researched and curated. All. The. Resources. If I couldn't be with my kids and colleagues in person, at least there wouldn't be a shortage of resources!

But, I  had realized that my school library's website was a little bit outdated (okay, a lot, but who had time for that??) I had been meaning to update my Classic Google Site into a new Google Site. "Someday" I kept telling myself. Well, "someday" had arrived. It was time.

So, I launched Google Sites and pretty quickly realized WHY had been putting it off! Creating a website can be SSSOOOO frustrating for a detail-oriented perfectionist who wants this icon lined up exactly with that one. Who wants to overlap images and fonts? Who wants to be creative!! Nothing ever seems to format in html exactly like I want it to!!

I was ready to throw up my hands, when I had a brainstorm. I noticed that Google Sites allows you to insert files from your drive ... What if I created segments of my Google Site in Google Drawings and then inserted them into my website?? And, it TOTALLY worked. Better then I had even expected! Here is a peek at my school library website as it sits right now. My website is entirely founded on SIX different images that I created in Google Drawings: a header, a footer, a Sidebar column, a Read column, a Research column, and a Create Learn Play column.

Each column is created with a series of inserted images that have been hyperlinked to their website address and text box descriptors. The beauty of the Google Drawing is that I can EASILY resize the icon and move it EXACTLY where I want it! It's sweet!

If you are looking at my website and thinking "Cool. I LOVE it. But, how on Earth do I create a Google Drawing" Then, you have to go and read Kathleen Morris' amazing Edublogger post, "A Guide to Google Drawings for Teachers, Students, and Bloggers." It's an amazing article, and I couldn't have said any of that better myself.

How Do I Create a Google Site with Drawings?
(1) Go to the Google Site App.
(2) Click on "Create a New Google Site" link
(3) Choose a "Blank" template
(4) Give your site a name and a title.
(5) Choose a layout on the left hand side. My site is formatted with the four column layout.
(6) Once you have chosen a layout, the layout will automatically update for you.
(7) Click on the "+" sign, choose "Drive", select your Google Drawing, and insert.
(8) Now, you can use the select buttons to make your Google Drawing wider or longer.
(9) You did it!! Easy peasy!

Play around a little bit! You can mix and match different Google Drawings to create a fun and fab website. I have had so many compliments on my website.

Thanks for "hopping" by!! Time to move on over the Mrs. Molly's Menagerie for some Tips and Tricks on Decorating Your Media Center.

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