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About Me / Disclosures

Hi Friends ~

My name is Sonya Dykeman, and I am the mastermind behind the Library Patch! I am an elementary school "liberrian" ... just ask my kiddos and they will tell you! I manage the coolest place in school {Yes! Yes, I do have air conditioning.} I love what I do every day. The kids are the best part of my job. There truly isn't a day at work where I don't laugh.

I am mom to two children who have grown into some incredibly interesting young adults. My son is a lineman for our local electrical company, and my daughter is a new college graduate and aspiring costume designer. Dinner conversations are never dull. I am also wife to a pretty great guy who is patient with my passion for books and technology {Both of which he has to pull me away from periodically.} We love to take our Jeep out on the beautiful trails of the Adirondack Mountains.

While I wait for a couple of grand kids, our fur baby gets spoiled rotten. Bella is infinitely patient while I plug away at my computer and always up for a game of catch! And cheese ... she has a cheese problem.

On the rare occasion that you can find me without my nose in a book or tapping away at my computer, I love to dig my hands in the dirt. There is something supremely satisfying about gardening! When the garden {and I} are hibernating in the winter months, I crochet and like to stitch on Bucilla Christmas stockings.

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The Library Patch is a personal blog. Yup ~ dreamed, written and edited by me. Each and every crazy thought, story, and post are my very own. This blog is not currently lucky enough to accept any form of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation. However, if given the opportunity, I would totally jump on that wagon! My posts will remain true and objective. They are not {nor am I}easily influenced by outside sources. Whether you like it or not, it's all me!

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